Suzanne Woodman

Consultant, Trade and Investment

Suzanne has over three years’ experience in the investment consulting industry and has recently completed an MSc in Development Studies, where she specialised in international trade, gender and labour markets.

Suzanne has joined IMC as a Trade and Investment Consultant, as she is passionate about the role of trade and investment in creating jobs and driving sustainable growth in developing countries.

She has previously contributed to the ongoing research and evaluation of a women’s microcredit cooperative in Nepal. She immersed herself into local village communities and carried out fieldwork by collecting data surrounding the social, economic and community impacts of the programme.

Prior to this, Suzanne worked in an investment consultancy and fund manager, where she specialised in project managing large-scale investment transitions, as well as trade order management for institutional clients.

Suzanne has also previously worked in Shanghai at a research and business development consultancy, where she was responsible for analysing key trends and developments within China’s capital markets.


MSc Development Studies – School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

BSc Financial Economics – University of Kent