Sarah Goodwin

Principal Consultant, Inclusive Growth

Specialising in project management and coordination of diverse international development projects in fields ranging from natural resource management, to rural livelihoods and learning.

Sarah has 8 years’ experience in project management and coordination of international development projects in diverse fields relating to natural resource management, rural livelihoods and learning. She has worked in Bangladesh, Costa Rica, India, Kenya, Panama, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Previously at IMC, Sarah undertook the role of Helpdesk Manager for the DFID Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services (PEAKS) for Climate and Environment, Infrastructure and Livelihoods, Sarah was responsible for the day-to-day management of the Helpdesk to provide rapid, high quality responses to a wide range of enquiries from DFID.

Sarah was also the Commissioning Officer for the DFID Evaluation Manager of ‘Making All Voices Count’, responsible for the identification, contracting and coordination of expertise to undertake quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis in line with Evaluation Plans. Critical to the success of Sarah’s roles has been her ability to draw upon her diverse networks of leading experts, combined with the development of professional, approachable relationships with clients and consortium members alike. Sarah takes an active interest in agroecology and how its principles can be applied at both local and international levels.


  • BSc (Hons)