Philippa Jefferis

Senior Consultant, Highways & Transportation

A civil engineer with wide ranging experience including highways, water supply systems, drainage and flood defence design, with a passion for innovative yet appropriate design.

Philippa is an enthusiastic and determined engineer who wants to ensure that engineering design focuses on the end user and brings sustainable change and development through implementation of appropriate technology. 

Her experience in a range of infrastructure areas allows her to have greater appreciation for the bigger picture and how all infrastructure needs to be considered together and not stand-alone projects. She has a great understanding of the challenges faced with asset management, and how to achieve effective maintenance on tight budgets and a strong political environment.

Philippa since joining IMC has worked on the Freetown Water Rehabilitation project, working closely with DFID and the project manager to ensure successful application of the NEC Contracts, as well as managing the two contractors to IMC on the project.  Philippa is now based in Kathmandu working on the Mugu Humla Link Road project, connecting the remoteness part of North West Nepal with the first road connection to the rest of Nepal.  Prior to joining IMC, Philippa worked in the UK local government sector in asset management and maintenance of highways. 

In her spare time, Philippa is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ambassador, leading workshops and training for school science clubs.  She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of engineers and wants to ensure that the industry becomes more diverse to allow for more diverse engineering design.  

‘Well designed and maintained infrastructure is essential to success in international development’.


MEng Civil Engineering (1st class)