Nada Ibrahim

Consultant, Inclusive Growth

Over 5 years of experience in finance and international development focusing on both strategic policy assessments as well as supporting and developing enterprises that deliver social impact.

At IMC, Nada’s work has recently centered on supporting enterprises to form mutually beneficial partnerships that incorporate innovations which fuel enterprise growth and improve prospects in the agriculture and health sectors.

As a Partnership Manager on the Connect to Grow programme, she helps enterprises identify demand areas in business models, connects them to suitable partners and supports them in developing a venture proposition.

She also provides additional support to the programme by moderating the online marketplace facility where enterprises connect and coordinating with a range of intermediaries such as government ministries, business associations and NGOs on outreach activities.

Nada’s prior experience involved her co-founding a social enterprise focusing on the trade of ethically sourced, organic agricultural commodities such as gum Arabic, sesame seeds and hibiscus.

She has also worked for the World Bank in Sudan across two projects where she conducted policy research on the effects of sector reforms in improving producer livelihoods and supported M&E operations.

Prior to her development experience Nada was in finance for two years. She is a native Arabic speaker and is competent with statistical analysis programs such as E-Views and STATA.

‘Don’t be discouraged with this aura surrounding what a consultant is and what they do, it doesn’t matter what background you come from as long as you can illustrate the skills that make a successful consultant.’


  • MSc, Political Economy of Late Development, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, UK
  • BA (Hons), Economics, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK