Miguel Martín

Business Development, IMCW Europe

Miguel is the chief editor and research analyst of the intelligent platforms InfraPPPWorld and IPPJournal, where he tracks all infrastructure/PPP and energy projects developed worldwide.

Miguel holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Granada (Spain), having spent a year at the Lisbon Technical Institute. For his degree final project Miguel designed the expansion of Alicante’s container terminal.

Miguel is currently completing his education with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Miguel has on site experience as he worked as a Health and Safety Coordinator of a construction project of a thermal solar power plant with a budget of €600 million.

Furthermore, Miguel has been involved in several consulting assignments for private companies and multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank or the International Finance Corporation.

In those assignments, Miguel has gained international experience on, among others, business and strategic plans, development, climate change, tourism, and investment. Miguel has lived in four different countries (Portugal, UK, Canada and Spain) and is trilingual in Spanish, English and Portuguese.