Ken Rubin

USA Regional Director

Dr. Ken Rubin has more than 40 years’ experience in the US and international infrastructure sectors (water, energy, transportation, economics, finance, public investment, management) and nearly 20 years’ experience managing all technical and contracts aspects of IDIQs, IQCs and BPAs for US government clients, working in over 40 countries over his career.

His clients have included ministries, public and private utilities, private equity firms, institutional investors, suppliers to the infrastructure sector, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), USAID, and nearly all multilateral investment banks. 

Before Ken began developing IMC’s US business, between 1997 and 2010, he served as President and CEO of PA Government Services, Inc. (and its predecessor, Hagler Bailly Services Inc., which acquired his own infrastructure firm launched in 1986), a USD 70 million/year international development company implementing infrastructure programs for MCC, USAID, multilateral donors, and many others.

He managed USAID’s Water IQC for 10 years and oversaw management of USAID’s Energy IQC, delivering USD 400 million in infrastructure projects around the world. He also managed USAID’s Environment IQC (USD 100 million ceiling).

Dr. Rubin has also managed several MCC BPAs.  Ken is currently BPA/IDIQ manager on IMC’s MCC contract vehicles.

Ken has more than 30 years’ experience designing and shaping US government contracting processes including cost accounting, financial reporting, contracts administration, compliance training, and HR functions.