Fazlun Fazlee

Associate Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean

Qualified civil engineer with experience in projects ranging from structural assessments of rail bridges in Wales to a capacity building project in the road maintenance sector in Africa.

Fazlun is currently the Associate Regional Director for Africa and the Caribbean. He deputises and works closely with the Regional Director in growing the business and planning, coordinating and managing the operations in Africa and the Caribbean regions.

He has managed various projects in Africa in countries such as Botswana, Ethiopia, the Gambia, Malawi, South Sudan and Uganda and in the Caribbean in countries such as the Netherland Antilles, Guyana and Belize.

Fazlun also has experience in managing projects funded by the donors such as African Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, UK DfID, government agencies, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, and the EU.

Fazlun is a qualified Civil Engineer and has experience in various projects ranging from structural assessments of rail bridges in Wales, to a Capacity Building Project in Road Maintenance Sector in Africa. At a technical level, Fazlun, gets involved in projects in the areas of public sector reform, change management, institutional strengthening and capacity building in public sector agencies, performance and financial management, and in project planning and management in the transport and financial sectors.

Fazlun was also chosen as one of the 12 apprentices to President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK (2009/10) and was involved in producing the “President’s Apprentices Toolkit” – a Engineering Project Delivery Toolkit for the Millennium Development Goals.