Andre Steele

Associate Director, Water & Sanitation

Ten years of experience in engineering, international development and humanitarian response, with focus on the water sector including water supply, sanitation and water resource management.

Andre Steele heads up IMC’s growing water sector. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with the UK Institute of Civil Engineers and has core engineering skills in design, including in geotechnics, structures and drainage. His interests lie more in the water sector though, with extensive experience in building climate resilience into infrastructure, management of surface and ground water resources and in water supply, waste and wastewater and sanitation. He has a diverse background, with a PhD in post-emergency water supply systems.

Andre is currently the technical lead on the IMC Technical Assistance project to an NGO supporting water utilities in northern Syria.

He is also part of a team supporting the Ministry of Water in Tanzania looking at the life cycle cost of rural water supply as part of the Water and Sanitation Development Programme. Andre is also an Technical Co-ordinator for Infrastructure on the DFID CEIL-PEAKS Framework.

Prior to joining IMC, Andre spent 7 years working in disaster relief, responding to many of the major events over the last 10 years, including the Haitian Earthquake in 2010 and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar in 2008. As a RedR member, he continues to be active in humanitarian sector.

“As we move forward with a changing climate, our ability to manage, protect and share water as an essential resource will be pushed. The hardest hit will be those at the bottom of the pyramid, but it will stretch societies everywhere, as we attempt to respond to more frequent extreme events. I want IMC to be at the forefront of this response, working with those most vulnerable and looking at how all of us can mitigate our impact and adapt to be more resilient to the global threat.”


  • Chartered Civil Engineer, Institute of Civil Engineers (CEng)
  • PhD Post-Emergency Water supply, Surrey University
  • MEng Civil Engineering, Surrey University


Technical Assistance to Water Service Providers, Northern Syria

Life Cycle Cost Assessment of Rural Water Supply, Water and Sanitation Programmme, Tanzania

Urban Sanitation Programme Design, Haiti