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Meet our team

  • Suraj Rana

    Regional Director, Asia

    Over 22 years of professional experience in project management and administration, including procurement and contract management, human resource management, information system networking and corporate planning, budget and financial management, and strategic management.

  • Suzanne Woodman

    Consultant, Trade and Investment

    Suzanne has over three years’ experience in the investment consulting industry and has recently completed an MSc in Development Studies, where she specialised in international trade, gender and labour markets.

  • Vidya Krishnamoorthy

    Consultant, International Resourcing

    Over 6 years' experience in Human Resources with a focus on resourcing for various industries.

  • Wladyslaw (Wladek) Skorko

    Principal Consultant, Economics & Finance

    Over thirty years' experience in commercial and development financing gained across multiple regions and sectors.