Road safety

Helping governments worldwide improve road safety services for more than 30 years.

Many underlying problems in road safety are institutional in nature, as responsibility is often fragmented across ministries. Coordinating the diverse perspectives of those responsible for policing, engineering, education and publicity campaigns can therefore be challenging.

We help ministries and other organisations develop appropriate strategies, policies and programmes, engineering designs and approaches to monitoring performance. Our audits have covered urban junctions and streets, the upgrading of access roads in remote locations and major new expressways, and their connections into existing road networks.

We offer a full range of audits, including at the feasibility study, preliminary and detailed design and pre-opening stages of project development, as well as for existing roads.


  • development of road safety strategy and policy
  • traffic law enforcement and vehicle overload control
  • engineering design
  • blackspot identification and remediation
  • road safety audits and inspections
  • design and development of accident databases
  • publicity campaigns, training and education
  • monitoring and evaluation of road safety initiatives and activities


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2011

We reviewed the traffic management plans for the Automatic Traffic Management System proposed for Skopje, Macedonia. We evaluated the soundness of the road improvement works and produced a high-level analysis of the road and pedestrian safety aspects of the plans.


In 2005, we carried out a road safety audit of the Western and East-West transport corridors in India. The audit covered over 600km of new and improved roads, assessing accident potential and safety performance.


From 2008 to 2010, in China, we provided a series of road safety and technical audits relating to the construction and operation of a 177km expressway and associated connector and feeder roads in Guangxi Province, southern China.


From 2007 to 2009, we worked with the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Kosovo to address the country’s serious road safety problem. We established a Road Safety Council and accident information system. We improved road safety engineering and auditing, as well as blackspot identification and remediation; and designed and carried out road safety campaigns. We also carried out road safety audits of two new expressway projects and a new airport access road.


Between 2009 and 2010, IMC assisted the Government of Yemen with the development of a national strategy for road traffic injury prevention in response to the country's high level of deaths and injuries from road crashes. This involved assessing the current status of road safety and preparing a comprehensive set of multi-sectoral recommendations.


In 2011, we were invited by the World Bank to provide road safety training for road department staff and national contractors and consultants in Georgia. Specific elements included road safety accident databases, road safety audits, blackspot identification and treatment, and traffic management.


IMC Worldwide was commissioned by the EBRD in 2012 to carry out a road safety inspection for upgraded sections of the Kiev-Chop Highway in Ukraine. Following the inspection, IMC identified and suggested areas where road safety could be improved.


In Malawi, as part of a European Commission-funded sector-wide policy support programme, IMC is currently working with the newly formed Road Traffic Authority (RTA) to define its responsibilities and develop road traffic and safety regulations.


As part of a wide-ranging and long-running institutional strengthening programme that IMC undertook between 1994 and 2006, we helped build road safety capacity within the Ministry of Communication and the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority. Particular assistance was provided to the development and implementation of the first National Land Transport Policy and Road Safety Strategic Action Plans, and National Road Safety Council.


In the mid-1990s, IMC Worldwide provided both in-country and UK-based training to over 1,000 traffic police and senior national traffic police instructors based in the metropolitan area of Jakarta, Indonesia.