Project & programme management

Our wide-ranging expertise includes managing or restructuring large organisations, upgrading managerial capabilities, and coordinating sectoral initiatives. Assignments across all our business streams include some management services component - whether relating to resources, systems, training or organisational structure. Our services have ranged from short investigations to long-term Technical Assistance programmes that require thirty or more person-years of consultancy services.

Our approach is designed to continuously monitor and assess the progress of a project to ensure the most efficient action is taken regarding the three vital parameters of time, cost and quality.

The control and coordination of complex projects requires access to appropriate management information systems at all its stages. In order to achieve the necessary level of monitoring with regard to time, cost and quality, we employ the latest computer systems and software compatible with our client’s systems. This provides comprehensive control and reporting on past, present and predicted project conditions; meaning problems are identified early-on and prompt responses are made to resolve difficulties.


  • Develop working relationships between the client’s project manager, designers and contractor divisions on the project, based on a mutual consideration of each group’s aims and problems.
  • Identify clear objectives and ensure that these are known and understood by all staff involved in a project.
  • Plan and control budgets.
  • Coordinate project inputs to ensure the necessary resources, both human and material, are available at the required time.
  • Control quality standards including undertaking audits on implementation of the quality management procedures, particularly with respect to the control of changes to the project.