Institutional strengthening

Employing a holistic approach to organisational change and institutional strengthening, based on a strong combination of diverse expertise and extensive hands-on experience across the globe.

IMC has a long history of providing a wide range of expert technical and managerial assistance to projects across the 80 countries we operate in. Our approach to institutional strengthening means first working with clients to identify relevant institutions and the structural, procedural and developmental features of an organisation, followed by establishing effective systems and organisational structures that respond to their requirements and developmental needs.

Our experienced approach means that we can:

  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and legal relationships.
  • Define corporate objectives and a plan for achieving them.
  • Assess how financial, material and human resources might be re-deployed to meet the aims of the organisation.
  • Review existing control and communication systems.
  • Assess the scope for the introduction of new management information and management accounting systems, which provide the information needed for effective decision making.
  • Identify constraints on effective performance.
  • Establish key indicators against which performance can be measured.
  • Develop in-house capability in managerial, supervisory and technical skills training.


  • Project Management
  • Planning, Design and Supervision
  • Procurement
  • Land Acquisition/ Resettlement
  • Environmental Management
  • Training & Capacity Building
  • Social Assessment
  • Community Participation Processes
  • Institutional Strengthening
  • Human Resources Development
  • Integrated Rural Access Planning
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis


Malawi: Transport Sector Policy Support Programme (Roads, Rail, Waterways, Aviation)

European Commission, 2011-2015

IMC has led a consortium of consultants in delivering technical assistance and support for authorities across the transport sector in Malawi.

The assignment has strengthened the capacity of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, enhanced road asset management, established and enforced road traffic and safety regulations in addition to strengthening private sector participation and the human resources base in the sector.

Uganda: Technical Assistance to the Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA)

European Commission, 2010-2014

IMC were appointed to provide technical assistance to the Uganda National Roads Authority in a $5,180,000 programme commissioned by the European Commission. Services rendered included substantially improving management systems, providing specialist advice on a wide range of issues, filling short-term capacity gaps and training UNRA staff.

By providing these services, IMC assisted UNRA in all aspects of its work and in accordance with the UNRA Act. Specifically, we helped develop contracting strategies that promote the participation of local construction firms and recommended a change in management from force account to commercial operations in road maintenance, while also including a requirement for social mitigation plans.

Belize: Technical Audit of the Hopkins Road Upgrade (Belize Rural Development Project II – BDRPII)

European Commission, 2014-2015

The objective of this technical audit of the Hopkins Road Upgrade was to compile a factual report on the organisational, technical, safety, contractual and financial aspects of the work carried out by the lead contractor and the Government entity in charge of its supervision.

Antilles: Capacity Development of Service Institutions (public works departments and utility companies)

European Commission, 2011-2013

IMC provided technical assistance to institutions to maximise their technical and organisational capacity in project planning, operation and maintenance capacity – including upgrading their digital management systems and capacities – as well as enhancing customer focus and service delivery.

Consultancy services provided by IMC enabled institutions to plan, operate and maintain their infrastructures more effectively and efficiently, based on sound information and data management systems. These systems allowed for enhanced asset management, which in turn required an increase in human resource capacity that IMC advised on utilising our expertise and skills in human resources development.

Mozambique: Technical Assistance for the Integrated Road Programme

European Commission, 2010-2012

IMC gave technical support to the establishment of a suitable, well managed, cost-effective and sustainable road network in Mozambique. Assistance aimed to:

  • Improving the national Road Network.
  • Enhancing the institutional capacity in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the Road Fund and local authorities.
  • Evaluating how best to incorporate private sector actors in a way that maximises utility for transport users and service providers alike.
  • Improving financial management and sustainability of the road sector.
  • Facilitating technology transfers.
  • Training and evaluating management performance.