Infrastructure economics

Providing economic and financial appraisals and helping our clients govern investments in infrastructure, including road reconstructions, upgrades and maintenance.

IMC has a long track record undertaking economic and financial appraisals of infrastructure projects. Our aim is always to help our clients understand the economic and financial feasibility of their projects and determine the benefits of these investments. To do so, we work closely with are clients to identify infrastructure needs, review existing proposals and develop sustainable financing strategies. In addition, we work closely with our international and local partners to make sure that we use the latest technology and high quality data for our assessments.


  • economic and financial appraisals
  • economic analyses of improvements using HDM4/RED
  • financial and economic rate of return
  • return on investments
  • ex post evaluation of investment benefits
  • economic infrastructure investment plan
  • consultations with stakeholders            
  • reviewing feasibility studies
  • vehicle weight studies
  • recommendations for improving the effectiveness of vehicle weight control and enforcement