Entrepreneurship and SME Development

Harnessing communities’ knowledge, skills and resources to support the development of profitable and sustainable business.

A variety of factors inhibit the growth of productive SMEs. These include the lack of a robust regulatory system, limited access to credit, and high transaction costs. In order to overcome these market- and government failures, IMC’s experts support governments in formulating and adopting inclusive policies that remove market deepening impediments. Examples include innovation and competitiveness policies with emphasis on SME development.

Our services

  • Business Incubator development and implementation
  • Business and product acceleration and mentoring
  • Business eco-system development and SME sector strengthening and scale-up
  • Policy analysis and strategy
  • Assessment of investment climate and impediments to market deepening
  • Access to finance
  • Financial guarantee funds and financing
  • Micro-finance
  • Challenge and innovation funds
  • Business planning
  • Trade facilitation