Southeast Asia

More than 50 projects in Vietnam, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, the Philippines, and China.


  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA)
  • detailed engineering design, construction supervision and programme management
  • transport sector policy and planning
  • institutional strengthening, capacity building and organisational change
  • economics and the private sector including public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • disaster preparedness and reconstruction
  • environment, energy and climate change
  • social development
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • resource centres and frameworks


IMC has worked extensively in Vietnam and has an office in Hanoi. We currently provide PPTA to the government for an ADB-funded rural infrastructure project in the central highlands to reduce poverty through sustainable improvement of irrigation systems, as well as improved access to markets, employment and social services.

We have also provided technical assistance to government for cooperative rural development programmes, as well as technical assistance to the Vietnam Road Administration to establish performance-based contracting.

We also provided support to the Ministry of Transport to strengthen its capacity to formulate and implement rural transport policy and decentralise planning and implementation.


We are particularly proud of the part we played in the reconstruction of the Indonesian region of Aceh, following the 2004 tsunami and 2005 earthquake. IMC was lead consultant for the Canadian Red Cross-funded programme to ‘build back better’, a task that involved appointing and managing consultants for the design and construction supervision of nearly 4,000 reinforced concrete houses and community facilities, all in just three years.

Our achievements in Aceh have been recognised by three professional associations, including the Association for Project Management, which presented us with the International Relief and Development Project of the Year award.

We have also trained local government transport staff to boost their capability to deliver quality services in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

We have also assisted on a programme of integrated projects to improve the strategic highway network across Java, relieving congestion, improving linkages, and decentralising responsibility for highway management.


IMC has experience in Myanmar dating back to 1998, when we undertook a UNCHS (Habitat) project to support improvements in water supply and sanitation for around 1.8 million people in 3,700 villages in three regions.

The project addressed the lack of access to protected water supplies and sanitation by assisting communities to mobilise organisational and other resources to build physical facilities, and to expand the range of technological choices to minimise demand on limited resources.

IMC also assisted in the design and supervision of works with the Myanmar Ports Authority.


We have an office in Quezon City to help us develop new partnerships in the Philippines.

IMC has joined a panel of consulting firms to provide a range of services in support of PPP transactions. The purpose of the panel is to facilitate the government’s plans to stimulate private resources for the purpose of financing the construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure and development projects in the Philippines.


In China, we have developed a ‘screening tool’ to identify climate change impacts, and evaluate options for ‘climate-proofing’ development investments. Such work will help to identify what can be done to protect development investments from the damage caused by climate variability.

The project involved engaging in formal dialogue with government and development partners on climate change risk, identifying gaps in evidence and building risk-reduction measures into existing programmes.

IMC also provided technical assistance to a roads project in Western Guangxi, consulting on corporate restructuring, governance and road safety.

We also conducted technical and safety reviews of designs for expressways in mountainous areas.