Wealth Creation Framework Agreement – LOT C: Infrastructure

IMC is leading a consortium of firms to deliver infrastructure development projects worldwide.

UK government policy on international development is increasingly focusing on boosting economic growth and wealth creation in developing countries.

A key principle of DFID’s approach to wealth creation is to engage more with private enterprise so as to catalyse economic growth and create an enabling environment for business that is sustainable in the long-term. This is key to generating new jobs and income opportunities, and ultimately leading to improved prosperity for poorer people.

Under the Wealth Creation Framework Agreement, DFID has established a number of framework agreements in order to support the current scale-up in delivery of its bilateral aid programmes. This enables faster procurement from an appropriate panel of pre-qualified suppliers.

DFID is supporting interventions with the potential to transform the business environment; reduce barriers, costs and risks of doing business; expand markets and trade; boost energy availability; and strengthen transport and communications.

Improving infrastructure is one of the key wealth creation strands that DFID is pursuing. Infrastructure development is critical to delivering growth, reducing poverty and addressing broader development goals. Lack of access to basic infrastructure services continues to undermine peoples’ lives in low-income countries (LICs) and some middle-income countries (MICs).

A number of cross-cutting issues must be simultaneously addressed to ensure that projects are supported by local communities and are in synergy with social development and environmental issues and that their impacts are long-term and sustainable.

Lot C of the Framework will address seven specific, but often interrelated, areas within the infrastructure sector: transport; rural roads; energy; urban development; ICT; water management; and water and sanitation.

Project Name

Wealth Creation Framework Agreement – LOT C: Infrastructure

project status

2013 – 2017


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

last updated

December 14, 2016