Vulnerability Assessment of the Road Networks in ‘Eua and Vava’u

Both outer islands have similar topography and terrain, and the road network typically runs through hilly and sloping areas along the coast and is affected by flooding and storm surge hazards.

We are currently working on a Vulnerability Assessments of the Road Networks in Vava’u and ‘Eua islands in Tonga, it is funded by the World Bank and Tongan Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI).

IMC are currently working on the following dual objectives and expected outcomes of the assignment:

  1. To conduct a road network level climate vulnerability assessment for the islands of ‘Eua and Vava’u, and develop a clear prioritization strategy for investments, as well as;
  2. develop concept designs for prioritised vulnerable locations across the Eua and Vava’u road networks, which will be the basis for investment in road works to ensure the resilience of these vulnerable locations to impacts of climate change related natural hazards events. 

IMC are delivering the following services.

Part 1: Road Network Wide Climate Change and Natural Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

  • Reviewing the existing data and providing recommendations as to how missing data could be identified and collected.
  • Consulting with relevant authorities and undertaking visual inspections, to identify locations with higher hazard and exposure risk.
  • Prioritising the identified locations and assessing the likely severity and frequency of risk impacts on the prioritized locations and assess their vulnerability in the next 10 to 20 years.
  • Preparing GIS mapping to show the prioritized locations, those disrupted in recent years, important access routes and locations of critical social services and facilities.
  • Undertaking a cost-benefit analysis to inform the investment plan.


Part 2: Network Adaptation Strategy

  • Outlining a program of priority investments and other interventions at the prioritised locations and define the potential adaptation options.
  • Proposing specific measures to update design and planning standards and maintenance procedures considering climate change risks.
  • Designing methodologies for works to eliminate hazards and risks and improve the resilience of the prioritised locations.
  • Preparing tools to assess the vulnerability of the road networks to current and future climate events are being prepared.
  • Capacity building through on-the-job training of the relevant staff in MOI and training in updating the vulnerability assessment and the use of the tools.


Project Name

Vulnerability Assessment of the Road Networks in ‘Eua and Vava’u


Ministry of Infrastructure, Tonga

World Bank

contact person

Núria Biosca

Principal Consultant, Cities and Resilient Development
last updated

March 23, 2020