Uganda: Increasing efficiency in road maintenance

Over the next two years, IMC will work to improve the operational efficiency of road maintenance in Uganda.

IMC is providing support to the Uganda Road Fund (URF) to improve the transport sector in terms of governance, planning, implementation and sustainability of infrastructure.

This two-year, EU-funded project will assist the URF to undertake new programmes and procedures necessary for the effective management of the fund.

IMC will establish relevant systems, values, expertise, and strategies to improve and install efficiency in the value chain of road funds.

By the end of the project, IMC aims to have achieved the following:

  • Improved data management
  • Enhanced programme preparation
  • Improved cost estimation
  • Amended audit function
  • Upgraded allocation formulae
  • Advanced monitoring and evaluation (M&E) function
  • Updated strategic and corporate plans
Project Name

Technical Assistance to Uganda Road Fund

project status

2018 - 2021


Uganda Road Fund (URF)

Focus areas
contact person

Fazlun Fazlee

Associate Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean
last updated

March 7, 2018