Training Vietnamese government officials in public investment management

IMC is implementing a two-week training programme on appraisal and evaluation of public investment projects for Vietnamese government officials.

An IMC-led team, including DS Consulting, is designing and conducting a two-week training course for Vietnamese government officials, to enhance their skills in appraisal and evaluation of public investment projects.

The programme will give participants practical knowledge and skills, considering financial, economic, environmental and social aspects.

The training will include business case development, economic appraisal, project evaluation, feasibility studies and programme growth.

The Enabel-funded training sessions will incorporate relevant international experience in public investment management. The training methods will concentrate on practical examples and exercises, to ensure the trainees can apply these new skills into their day-to-day work.

In recent years, Poland has created a large investment presence by implementing many infrastructure projects in all sectors of the national economy. These experiences, both successful and incorrect, are an invaluable source of knowledge about managing public investments. Therefore, IMC will undertake the training in Gdansk, Poland, to evaluate existing projects such as the connection of two sides of the Martwa Wisła River, a new business incubator for SMEs and the construction of Ergo Arena.

IMC and DS Consulting will integrate the following training methods into the two-week programme:

  • PowerPoint presentations will be used to establish each subject. However, they will only be used when presenting overall rules, concepts, example methodologies and the relationship between contrasting issues.
  • Presentations of case studies will demonstrate real projects from different local, regional or central governments. The trainees will be acquainted with positive examples of public project management and will learn about their benefits. However, they will also learn based on mistakes made in previous cases, helping them to identify possible risks and failures that should be avoided during future implementation.
  • Practical exercises will help to educate participants in specific skills relating to different stages of the public investment management process.

Working in groups on case studies is an important aspect of the training. This is highly relevant to the workplace, and will help to practice skills in evaluation for different aspects of investment projects such as option analysis, organisational evaluation and stakeholder exploration.

Brainstorming will be applied for sharing thoughts and looking for solutions when facing challenging problems.

Presentations by trainees will be carried out to summarise their group work, sharing their conclusions as well as developing the most effective solution.

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Design and delivery of a short training course on appraisal & evaluation of public investment projects



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