Gambia, The: Assisting the Trans-Gambia Corridor Project

The Trans-Gambian Corridor (Kaolack-Trans-Gambian Highway-Ziguinchor), which is part of the Cairo-Dakar-Lagos Corridor, serves as an important economic and strategic link connecting the northern and southern parts of The Gambia and Senegal, serving both intrastate and interstate traffic.

The aims of this long-term TA project are to provide technical assistance to the National Roads Authority (NRA) of The Gambia in its management and implementation of the Construction of the Trans-Gambia Bridge and Cross Border Improvement project and the associated administration of the Consultant and Contractor Contracts, mainly in the areas of Contract Management, but with other short-term targeted assistance aimed at enhancing the capacity of the NRA.

As well as providing support in overall contract management of the project, we will provide assistance in “sub-components” to the staff of the NRA in the design of a Project Performance Management System, implementation of Project Management Capacity Building, and provide Special Project Support Services with the aim of engendering the long term sustainability of the Authority.

Project Name

Technical Assistance - Trans-Gambia Corridor Project

project status

Ongoing, 2013-2016


African Development Bank

Focus areas
contact person

Nigel Penfold

Deputy Managing Director, Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean
last updated

November 18, 2015