Tanzania: Measuring and maximising value for money of rural water supply investments

A nine-month programme designed to undertake a value for money assessment of rural water supply investments from the first phase of the Water Sector Development Programme, and a life-cycle cost assessment of rural water schemes in Tanzania.

IMC Worldwide was contracted by the Department for International Development (DFID) to examine the validation of results from the first phase the Water Sector Development Programme.

DFID and the Government of Tanzania agreed to implement a payment by result scheme to support rural water supply and sanitation.

This aimed to provide incentives to local government authorities in Tanzania to progress towards more effective delivery of results and encourage a focus on the maintenance of rural water supply infrastructure.

As part of the implementation of the payment by results scheme, verification of results was necessary to ensure accuracy and reliability of data being used as the basis for payment.

IMC, in partnership with eMJee Development Consult and HTSPE Limited, undertook an inception report, a scoring system of data and outlined the approach to data verification.

IMC completed baseline and annual data validation reports, assessing record management and reporting systems, particularly their ability to disclose quality information.

Following this, reliability of data systems was established and reviewed.

The reports contained a management account for the Government providing recommendations on how data systems could be strengthened and improved.

Quantitative estimates of accuracy levels of the Government figures were presented, along with further evidence of data dependability.

The DFID-funded project included a data quality assessment, considering factors such as coverage, completeness of data, accuracy of reported state of functionality and timeliness.

Accounts of knowledge and understanding gained through experience from independent data verification exercises were incorporated into the quality assessment.

IMC provided recommendations on strengthening and improving data systems through executing a consolidated management report.

Project Name

PEAKS - Measuring & maximising value for money of rural water supply investments

project status

July 2015 - April 2016


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

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Andre Steele

Associate Director, Water & Sanitation

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August 23, 2018