Tajikistan: Economic and financial appraisals of the CAREC Corridors 3 and 5 Enhancement Project

IMC was appointed by the Asian Development Bank in 2014 to undertake economic and financial appraisals of the enhancement of CAREC Corridors 3&5 within Tajikistan. The assignment was to complete the appraisals of the strengthening of the Sayron – Karamik road section, reconstruction of the Vose – Khovaling road section, and the installation of renewable energy sources to supply roadside and village street lighting, as part of road safety initiatives. IMC worked closely with a local partner to provide traffic surveys, engineering designs and costs.

The economic appraisals utilised standard World Bank methodologies and included quantitative risk analysis to assess a range of economic, environmental and geo-political risks. IMC also completed economic analyses of improvements using HDM4, of the proposals to upgrade the road between Bishkek and China in Kyrgyzstan.

Project Name

Economic and Financial Appraisals of the CAREC Corridors 3 and 5 Enhancement Project

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Completed, 2014


Asian Development Bank

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James Reeves

Senior Technical Director, Economics and Finance

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November 11, 2015