Syria: Technical assistance to water service providers

The NGO GOAL recently commenced Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programming in the Idleb Governorate of Syria, currently focusing heavily on water supply, supporting three water utility units in urban centres to bring water distribution networks to pre-conflict operational standards.

A lack of reliable electricity supply has meant that GOAL Syria has supported the provision of generators and fuel to ensure water can be supplied through existing networks.

It has also meant supporting existing water units in terms of capacity building and resources to continue to manage these systems and take on additional responsibilities (such as management of finances) that they did not have prior to the conflict.

This includes setting up a cost recovery system, where water network operational and maintenance costs are recovered through charging the water user fees.

IMC was commissioned by GOAL to support the establishment of suitable cost-recovery systems, including monitoring mechanisms; developing appropriate cost recovery information management systems; and developing appropriate capacity building plans relating to the above.

IMC is working in partnership with Sutton and East Surrey Water Company to deliver this project. Team personnel travelled to Antakya, over the border in Turkey, to work with GOAL.

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Technical Assistance to Water Service Providers

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August 13, 2018