Uganda: Strengthening the country’s road construction industry

This three-year, EU-funded technical assistance (TA) project aims to increase the capacity of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE).

UIPE, which is responsible for fostering the professional growth of both its student and professional members, has only 40% of its membership remitting their subscription fees on which it is dependent for its operations. This shows how important it is for UIPE to not only increase the membership base but to have mechanisms to support efficient revenue collection.

It also underlines the need to strengthen UIPE’s institutional capacity to attract and provide value to members while supporting their career development as engineers and enhancing professionalism of the engineering sector in Uganda.

A vibrant UIPE will also play its rightful role in the provision of advice to government, public bodies and other organisations or individuals on matters concerning engineering.

Therefore, this technical assistance project will strengthen the capacity of the UIPE in fulfilling its mandate towards the national construction industry and, consequently, its revenue collections.

The TA will also include the design and supervision of a Graduate Traineeship Programme (GTP) that will target graduates from universities and other tertiary institutions in equipping them with employable skills to improve the quality of works/services in the transport sector. A minimum of 30% of the beneficiary graduates will be female and attention will be given to opportunities to integrate environmental sustainability, green economy and climate resilience considerations in the training programme.

The TA will also scale up training to national technical colleges and the public in order to equip graduates with employable skills and promote the advancement of the engineering profession respectively.

The TA will assist to develop improved management systems, provide advice on a wide range of issues relevant to UIPE activities, and provide training for UIPE staff and members. It will assist UIPE in all aspects of its work, in accordance with the UIPE Constitution.

The development of any modules will involve UIPE staff who will subsequently be trained in their application. All TA will report to senior UIPE management, led by the UIPE President.

Knowledge transfer will be achieved at several levels: on-the-job mentoring/training, professional training of individuals, benchmarking studies as well as through the introduction of improved systems and related training in their application.

Project Name

Technical assistance to the local construction industry in Uganda

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Ugandan Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE)

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March 7, 2018