Sri Lanka: Conflict-affected region emergency project – L1

The Government of Sri Lanka requested emergency aid from the Asian Development Bank to assist in rebuilding of key infrastructure in the Northern Province of the country following the long period of armed conflict. The ADB processed the loan under its Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy.

One of the principal components of the aid intervention funded for the re-establishment of intra-regional connectivity.

Much of the province’s road networks suffered heavy damaged during the conflict, whilst also suffering from lack of investment in road maintenance. Package 1 of the CARE project thus provides funding for the rehabilitation of 65km of National-level roads that restored mobility in the province and accelerate the rebuilding and redevelopment process.

To ensure effective management of Package 1 of CARE funding, the Roads Development Authority (RDA) of Sri Lanka engaged a Project Implementation Consultant (PIC) that provided Construction Supervision services.

Project Name

Conflict-Affected Region Emergency Project - L1

project status

Completed, 2011-2014


Asian Development Bank

Focus areas
contact person

Suraj Rana

Regional Director, Asia
last updated

November 19, 2015