Serbia: Mainstreaming climate resilience in road transport management

IMC has been contracted by the World Bank to provide technical assistance to the government of Serbia to integrate climate resilience in the road transport sector.

IMC is supporting the government of Serbia in establishing a foundation for mainstreaming climate resilience considerations in the road transport sector management.

To this end, we are helping the government of Serbia to develop an effective methodology for assessing vulnerability of the road transport network to climate-related risks, improving capacities of key stakeholders in road network climate resilience planning, and setting the path for development of structured and systematic response plans.

We are providing technical assistance to the government to establish a sustainable technical, legislative, institutional, and managerial framework for climate resilience monitoring and planning of the road transport network.

Focus areas include:

  • Development of a methodology for climate change and natural hazard road network vulnerability assessment.
  • Recommendations for inclusion of climate resilience in the road asset management and corresponding action plan.
  • Pilot testing of the proposed approach for the Valjevo region and development of corresponding GIS maps.
  • Development of a Terms of Reference for network vulnerability analysis and emergency response plans for the main trade routes.
  • Dissemination and knowledge sharing workshops.
Project Name

Mainstream Climate Resilience in the Road Transport Management in Serbia

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World Bank

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August 22, 2018