Lesotho: Road construction supervision, Likalaneng-Thaba-Tseka Road Lot 2

The Likalaneng – Thaba Tseka Road upgrading project is part of the planned ‘Trans Maloti’ Highway that is intended to run right across the Lesotho Highlands and provide connectivity between Maseru and Durban on the coast of South Africa. The Likalaneng – Thaba Tseka section is approximately 85km long and requires the existing gravel road to be upgraded to all weather bituminous standard. 

Lot 2 includes 31km to 58km to be upgraded to a 7m wide carriageway with 1m shoulders, through mountainous terrain, and the construction of the Mantsonyane River bridge.

IMC carried out the construction supervision of 32km of road upgrading to all weather standard for the second section of the Trans Maluti Highway – Likalaneng to Thaba Tseka, in central Lesotho. Works includes a multi-span bridge of 130 metres.

The construction of the Likalaneng to Thaba Tseka Road is an initiative of the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho (GOL), jointly funded by the Kuwait Fund, African Development Bank, BADEA and the GOL. The project road was identified under the Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project with the main objective of improving the road infrastructure and connecting the poor rural mountain areas to the productive lowlands of the country.

Project Name

Lesotho: Supervision Construction, Lot 2 of the Likalaneng-Thaba-Tseka Road

project status

Completed, 2005-2014


Lesotho Ministry of Public Works and Transport

Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Kingdom of Lesotho

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Nigel Penfold

Deputy Managing Director, Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean

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November 13, 2015