Worldwide: Evidence on Demand for DFID (CEIL-PEAKS)

Developing and disseminating knowledge products, learning resources and technical expertise to inform those on the front line of poverty reduction.

The Evidence on Demand document library hosts reports, topic guides and learning materials but, if the specific information needed is not available, or if targeted technical expertise is required, then commission a service through our Helpdesk or Consultancy Service facilities.

DFID advisers can use our helpdesk services free of charge, and outputs from such enquiries are made publicly available on the Evidence on Demand website. The programme thus far has resulted in nearly 100,000 downloads of online knowledge products and reference materials from


  • Provide quality-assured international development informational resources in the fields of climate and environment, infrastructure, and livelihoods to help DFID advisers and other professionals to make evidence-based decisions


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Climate, Environment, Infrastructure and Livelihoods (CEIL) Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services (PEAKS)


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

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February 2, 2017