Nepal: Nationwide risk assessment and stocktaking

This project was to complete a stocktake and develop a risk assessment process applicable to Nepal to generate the risk assessment needed by the NRRC. After a review in mid-2013, the NRRC was moving towards a second phase of activities for the 2016-2020 with the strategic thinking about future risk management efforts to be framed by a nationwide risk assessment.

This work was commissioned by DFID, who are a member of the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium (NRRC) and has been an active player with other NRRC members to establish mechanisms and means to address the hazards, vulnerabilities, risks and disasters faced in Nepal.

The risk assessment process for Nepal was based on national experience, international good practice and specific requirements set out by the NRRC at the inception phase. The three outcomes for the development of a risk assessment process have been identified in the ToR:

Firstly undertake a thorough stocktake of currently available data, including a series of interviews and semi-structured interviews and questionnaires with key stakeholders.

Second, to develop an overall framework and proposed risk assessment process, usingĀ  the Risk = Hazard, Vulnerability conceptual framework, with further expansion of the hazard (e.g., frequency, duration, etc.) and vulnerability (e.g. social, economic, location, etc.) elements based on the availability, quality and geographic scale of data.

Project Name

PEAKS Commission - NRRC Nationwide Risk Assessment - Stock Taking Phase

project status

Complete, 2014-2015


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

key teammates
contact person

Suraj Rana

Regional Director, Asia
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August 22, 2018