Myanmar: Development of safe and child-friendly school construction guidelines

IMC produced national safe and child-friendly school construction guidelines, assessed training courses, action plans and pilot of the guidelines to aid resilience in school infrastructure.

IMC was contracted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation to compose national safe and child-friendly school construction guidelines, assess training courses, action plans and pilot of the guidelines.

Schools are not only an important place for learning and overall development of children, but they are also temporary shelter after disasters.

The physical environment in which learning takes place has a large impact on the outcomes of education. Hence the importance that schools are child friendly and safer than ordinary residential buildings.

IMC assembled a team with a comprehensive and balanced set of relevant skills and experience across school construction, capacity building and knowledge of the region. 

We reviewed the outline of the guidelines and proposed background documents to provide suggestions which were delivered to the project team.

IMC assessed the proposed contents against their experience in similar documentation including child-friendly school design guidance. While analysing the outline, IMC considered important records already in existence to ensure synergies and lessons learnt.

IMC evaluated the first draft of the National Safe and Child Friendly School Construction Guidelines of Myanmar developed by the project team, examining whether our previous suggestions had been taken into consideration and that proposed improvements of the outline were reflected in the draft guidelines.

After further improvements, IMC undertook another report of the draft guidelines, including more detail and content, verifying that outstanding issues were followed up.

To achieve safer school designs, contract management, construction supervision, and maintenance, IMC used existing checklists and manuals previously developed from similar programmes.

IMC undertook an in-country visit to work intensively on the guidelines in cooperation with the local consultants and key stakeholders.

The completed draft was presented to the key stakeholders to receive their comments and feedback. Once this feedback was addressed a final draft was prepared after all written content, photo selections, and graphics had been approved.

IMC and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation participated in two rounds of feedback, after which the desktop-published version of the report was finalised, ready for distribution and printing.

Furthermore, IMC investigated the action plan outline, recommending improvements needed in school construction systems.

IMC assessed the training curriculum, ensuring all relevant and necessary information was incorporated into the training course.

In addition, IMC evaluated pilot designs for schools, using the guidelines prepared for two regions with different hazard and climate profiles.

Project Name

International technical backstopper on development of safe school construction guidelines

project status

June 2016 - September 2017 


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

key teammates
contact person

Suraj Rana

Regional Director, Asia
last updated

August 31, 2018