Moldova: Roads technical audits

The government of Moldova, with support from the EIB and other donors, is implementing a large scale road programme to enable upgrading of the existing road network.

About 67% of National Roads and more than 75% of local roads were classified as poor in 2007, which had resulted from severe and prolonged neglect of the road network during the previous 15 years.

The Road Sector Program Support Project (RSPSP) was established to rehabilitate and improve the road network to a standard that allows ease of movement, reduced transport costs, improved road safety and associated socio-economic benefits.

IMC, in partnership with High Point Rendel, are providing technical auditing services for the programme.

The objective of the technical audit is to allow an independent team to form a professional opinion on the compliance of road works with the technical specifications and standards described in the relevant bidding documents for the entire Road Programme (including both the part funded by international donors and the part funded through the Government’s own budget).

Project Name

Moldova Roads Technical Audits

project status

Ongoing, 2014-2018


European Investment Bank

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Tim Jakeman

Senior Technical Director
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November 19, 2015