Mexico Wind and Electricity Storage Supply Chain Mapping

IMC, in partnership with ILF Consulting Engineers Colombia, has been appointed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to map out the current capabilities of the Mexican supply chain in the wind and electricity industry, with a focus on Electrical Networks and Energy Storage.

This was a Prosperity Fund project, which aimed to identify commercial opportunities and areas for UK private sector engagement in the Mexican wind and electricity market, including gender and social inclusion considerations throughout the entire assignment. The objective of the research was to address the lack of a comprehensive diagnosis of local supply chain capabilities which has been identified as a key barrier to entry for UK companies in Mexico’s energy sector, limiting the creation of new market opportunities and the access of male and female workforce into the industry.

IMC & ILF reviewed the current situation of the local supply chain, examining the characteristics and needs of the market. In Mexico, meetings were held with energy institutional players, renewable energy organisations and leading firms of the sector. To identify UK strengths and competitive advantages, UK Government departments and other technology development funding initiatives were consulted. The identified UK strengths and advantages were then mapped to gaps in the Mexican wind energy supply chain in order to highlight commercial opportunities where the UK businesses could engage with the Mexican energy industry.

The team collated a point of contact database with more than 130 local and international firms active in the Mexican wind and electricity segment, including a brief company profile, sub-sector of operations and involvement in major projects.

The work addressed considerations about inclusive growth throughout the supply chain, including questions and challenges about gender and social inclusion. In the market analysis, the presence of women at all levels and employment state was considered, with gender-disaggregated data used where available. Through the consultation process with private companies and key gender-energy groups in the Mexican energy sector, measures to increase the participation of women and vulnerable groups in the renewable energy sector were assessed. Also highlighted were a series of short case studies on companies with successful gender and inclusion programmes connected with innovative solutions in the Mexican energy market.

The final reports were delivered both in English and Spanish, and the results were presented and discussed in Mexico and in the UK in March 2019.

Project Name

Mexico: Wind and Electricity Storage Supply Chain Mapping

project status

October 2018 - March 2019


Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

contact person

Francisco Riera

Project Manager, Project Management Unit
last updated

May 1, 2019