Vietnam: Managing the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Support Facility for Vietnamese government

DFID is supporting the Government of Vietnam in its overall objective of increasing access to infrastructure services throughout Vietnam by leveraging private sector investment.

IMC is leading a consortium to provide support to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) to enable it to build capacity and regulatory frameworks to progress the delivery of infrastructure through public-private partnerships (PPP).

The project requires the unlocking of a number of restraints to PPP implementation across the country. Key among them is the development of infrastructure sector based guidelines and regulations, required to guide the development of PPP projects.

IMC is also carrying out an initial capacity assessment of the current organisations, followed by putting in place improved regulatory structures that will facilitate private sector investment.

Along with providing capacity building and training, IMC is working with the PPP Office and line Ministries in Vietnam to build up a pipeline of potential projects that are likely to be suitable for implementation as PPP projects, and from there develop the projects suitable for implementation.

Infrastructure sectors include transport, energy, water, health and education.


Project Name

Wealth Creation Framework Agreement: Managing the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Support Facility for Vietnamese Government

project status

2013 - 2016


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

contact person

James Reeves

Senior Technical Director, Economics and Finance
last updated

May 13, 2019