Malawi: Assisting the Road Sector Policy Support Programme

We are providing technical assistance and support across the transport sector in Malawi, including the National Road Authority, National Road Fund, Ministry of Transport and Public Works and the Road Transport Authority.


  • assist the MoTPI to assume the overall responsibility for policy development and strategic planning and programming in the sector
  • assist the Department of Policy and Planning to establish performance indicators and a monitoring framework for the transport sector
  • strengthen capacity of the MoTPI in sector wide monitoring and overlooking of sub-sector agencies.
  • adapt Joint Transport Sector Review mechanism
  • provide support and guidance to the process of reforming the Ministry
  • support the Ministry in the process of Sector Policy Support Programme (SPSP) monitoring
  • support in establishing Road Traffic and Safety regulations
  • undertake a comprehensive strategic environmental assessment study for the road sub-sector
Project Name

Technical Assistance to the Malawi Road Sector Policy Support Programme

project status

Ongoing, 2011-2016


European Commission

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contact person

Nigel Penfold

Deputy Managing Director, Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean
last updated

November 19, 2015