Lesotho: Evaluating the benefits of strategic transport links

The Government of Lesotho through the Integrated Transport Project (ITP) is investing in strategic transport links to enable improved economic growth and improved service delivery, as the main drivers of the Poverty Reduction Strategy. The ITP financed the construction of (i) two bridges over the Senqu and Senqunyane rivers, their approaches and connecting roads; and (ii) the upgrading of the Mantsonyane – Lesobeng road is one of Lesotho’s secondary road corridors. 

IMC was contracted by the World Bank in 2014 to provide an ex post evaluation of the benefits of these investments. This included reviewing previous feasibility studies; determining the areas of influence of the projects based upon surveys in villages affected; assessing the impacts of the investments on traffic flows; and identifying and commenting upon the non-quantifiable benefits that have resulted from the investments.

Project Name

: Economic Appraisal of Mantsonyane – Lesobeng Road Upgrading and Construction of Senqu and Senqunyane Bridges

project status

Completed, 2014


World Bank

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James Reeves

Senior Technical Director, Economics and Finance

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November 2, 2015