Kazakhstan: Road safety audit

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is considering providing finance to reconstruction of the 228km long section “Kurty Buribaytal” of the “Centre – South” corridor linking Astana to Almaty. The 228km long Kurty – Buribaytal section is in desperate need of reconstruction. The proposed investments include the reconstruction of the existing two-lane road, the reconstruction of bridges and upgrading of intersections.

IMC has been commissioned by the EBRD to carry out a road safety audit of the proposed rehabilitation programme. This includes reviewing the available designs for the road rehabilitation programme to produce a road safety audit for the available detailed designs, in line with the principles of EU Road Safety Directive. We are also reviewing any road safety audits carried out both by the national authorities and by independent consultants for the road rehabilitation programme.

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Road Safety Audit


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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Tim Jakeman

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November 19, 2015