Ethiopia: Technical assistance for quality assurance

The project involved a comprehensive review of the Ethiopian Roads Authority’s (ERA) Quality Assurance System (QAS) and making any necessary revisions or additions to the QAS in terms of strategic quality assurance statements, detailed procedures and guidelines, standard templates and forms, etc.

The review and revisions ensured the QAS was compliant with ISO standards for quality and environmental management, incorporates business excellence models where appropriate, and addresses any national legal or policy requirements, mainstreaming environmental and social safeguards in all aspects of project management.

The project focused on improving quality management and quality control of:

  • procurement of services and works
  • engineering surveys, data analysis and design outputs
  • environmental and social safeguard provisions
  • contract implementation

The project developed and managed a formal quality audit programme covering ERA project managers and their suppliers. The audit programme supported the ERA in identifying and managing non-conformances in carrying out root cause analysis and to develop solutions to prevent recurrence. They were also used to identify opportunities for continual improvement of the QAS and its implementation.

The project achieved these improvements by developing and delivering a comprehensive training programme for ERA staff and their suppliers, including general awareness raising about quality assurance, specific training for project managers to meet the QAS requirements, and advanced training for QA champions and QA auditors.

The audit and training programme, together, intended to ensure the long term sustainability of QAS implementation within the relevant divisions and branches.

IMC’s Technical Assistance reviewed and established a QAS to carry out a formal quality assurance audit programme, to review and improve the management of environmental and social safeguard provisions. 

IMC produced the following main outputs to compliment the Technical Assistance within the ERA:

  • Code of Profession Conduct and Ethics – all professional individuals working on ERA projects were required to confirm that they have read and understood the Code of Profession Conduct and Ethics and that they strictly follow the articles of the Code in the performance of services for every project.
  • ERA Quality Manual – consisted of 7 volumes (Quality Management and Monitoring, Planning, Procurement, Feasibility Studies and Design, Environment & Social Management, Construction Management & Administration, Maintenance Management & Administration)
  • Standard Terms of Reference for Service Providers – revised standard TORs covered:  Feasibility Study and Design, New Road construction & Road Upgrading and Rehabilitation; and Review of feasibility Studies and Design; Construction Supervision.

IMC carried out concurrent Training Needs Analysis, design and implementation of a training programme to institutionalise the quality assurance system. Formal training, coaching support and structured on the job training was provided to ERA staff by IMC.

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TA for Quality Assurance

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Ethiopian Roads Authority

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