Ethiopia: Monitoring contractors / consultants performance and construction costs

IMC are working to establish a System for Monitoring the Performance of Contractors and Consultants together with the establishment of a Project Cost and Unit Rate Database, as part of the Road Sector Development Programme in Ethiopia.


  • review the organizational structure of ERA including planning, project formulation, contract administration, design services administration, network management and the overarching ERA management system. The review will also include the ongoing institutional reform programme/ Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)/ being carried out at ERA.
  • review ERA’s contracts procurement process.
  • identify performance benchmarks to be applied for the performance monitoring system.
  • review design, contract and supervision documents of the identified contracts of different types of works and services.
  • identify best practices in evaluating the performance of contractors and consultants.
  • prepare a comprehensive and detailed operational and administration procedure manual for the system.
  • conduct a series of workshops for consultants/contracts on ERA’s performance and operations and future opportunities/projects.
  • training of ERA staff on Performance Evaluation system.
  • review the contract management system (CMS) used in ERA
  • conduct a global documents survey on cost monitoring and unit rates estimation system in developing as well as developed countries.
  • review the contract documents of identified construction and maintenance projects and conduct works execution inspection (performance and quality) and works practices field survey.
Project Name

Monitoring of Contractors / Consultants Performance and Construction Costs

project status

Ongoing, 2009-2015


Ethiopian Roads Authority

World Bank

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contact person

Nigel Penfold

Deputy Managing Director, Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean
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November 17, 2015