China: Western Guangxi Roads Development Project (Longlin-Baise Expressway)

The Western Guangxi Roads Development Project was financed by a loan of USD 300 million from Asian Development Bank (ADB). It provided an integrated road transport network in western Guangxi by

  • constructing the 177 kilometre (km) Longlin–Baise expressway
  • upgrading the associated 1,060 km of local roads
  • improving road transport services by constructing 50 township bus stations and implementing passenger bus route licensing reforms
  • improving road maintenance by implementing rural road maintenance policy reform
  • improving corporate governance and strengthening institutional capacity by providing consulting services, equipment, and training. The Project involves 42 staff months of input over the two-year project period.

IMC provided technical services to WSP Asia (Lead Firm), who were responsible for delivering consultancy support throughout the construction supervision period. Services being delivered under the project included

  • designs to be carried out to the appropriate engineering and safety standards
  • all civil works are carried out in full compliance with approved drawings and specifications
  • all activities related to implementation of the Project are carried out in an environmentally and socially sound manner
  • the work for restructuring and corporatization are implemented with the guidance of Government and ADB
  • all reporting requirements of ADB are carried out in accordance with the Project Administration Memorandum (PAM)
  • EA and IA’s personnel receive in-country and overseas training in selected areas of expressway engineering, safety and management. The consultants were also responsible for implementing the Project Performance Management System (PPMS) during the project implementation, and setting up a program for data collection arrangement after the project implementation. IMC provided services of staff members, who: i) helped develop a corporate restructuring and corporate governance plan, including institutional capacity building and human resource development;  ii) conducted a road safety audit, assessing the design and traffic control facilities, and of operational systems and procedures; iii) provided technical expertise in bridge design and construction.

The Road Safety and Audit services delivered under the project included

  • Design Stage Audit of the 177km expressway sections incorporating numerous tunnels and high bridge structures and associated link roads and local road diversions
  • Road Opening Audit for 47Km Class II local road
  • Road Opening Audit for Road Diversions associated with expressway construction
  • Post Opening Road Safety Audit of the 177km expressway sections and associated link roads and local road diversions
  • presentations given to local design institutes on safe road design
  • presentations on safety in road construction made to contractors and supervisory staff
  • presentations on the findings of the post opening audit and recommendations for operational safety provided to Expressway Maintenance Company
  • design recommendations proposed for specific safety improvements to the designs proposed for road signing and marking layouts at the new expressway termination and interchange to existing expressway.
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Western Guangxi Roads Development Project (Longlin-Baise Expressway)


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