Caribbean: Enabling regional business (Accelerate Caribbean)

Accelerate Caribbean is a component of infoDev’s Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC). Accelerate Caribbean aims to increase capacity and performance of the Caribbean business enablers to provide value added services for early-stage innovation-driven entrepreneurs via action learning, building awareness, sharing knowledge on traditional and new models of business incubation and facilitating networking.

The target beneficiaries of the project are business incubators, accelerators, innovation centres and hubs, government schemes, private sector innovation challenges, and others, referred to as “business enablers” opportunities.

The Accelerate Caribbean comprises a number of Development Finance / SME Finance components. Examples include group mentoring sessions on funding strategies for business incubation; online webinars on ‘How to win a crowdfunding’; in-country trainings on ‘Financing a Business Incubator’ and ‘Deals and Financing for Incubator Clients’; and face-to-face coaching and mentoring to help building accurate financial statements and pitching investors.

Project Name

Accelerate Caribbean

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World Bank

contact person

Nigel Penfold

Deputy Managing Director, Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean
last updated

January 23, 2018