Building Resilience of Critical Urban Transport Infrastructure in Addis Ababa

Working to improve the resilience, adaptability and vulnerability of urban transport systems in Addis Ababa.


Despite Addis Ababa’s national importance, the city has become crowded, underserviced and vulnerable to natural catastrophes, in particular riverine flooding as well as flash floods, resulting in challenges to the transport sector. Connectivity disruptions affect mobility, increase transport costs, impact economic growth, and add additional costs to the national and local government.

The overall aim of the project is to conduct a hazard risk analysis for selected urban transport systems in Addis Ababa to inform existing urban transport practices and policies, with the aim to reduce vulnerability and create the basis for long-term adaptation planning.

The climate vulnerability of the transport infrastructure will be assessed, under baseline (2021) and future conditions (2050) to consider changes in travel demand.

What we are doing

To assess risks of critical transport assets in flooding zone of Addis Ababa, IMC and partners will analyse the failure of the transport network due to flooding, considering the number of passengers, and calculating the impacts on travel time and length in the event of disruption of the different transport modes.

The capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, will be provided with the identification of risk hotspots in the transport network which are affected by urban flooding. The diagnosis will be carried out conducting a hazard risk assessment through the production of GIS flood risk zoning maps.

Short-term cost-effective mitigation measures will be proposed on the flood-prone areas identified across the transport network. The interventions will be accompanied with an estimation of their costs and will inform the city budget planning to make future decisions.

The analysis will be used to develop an urban transport resilience strategy and in the process, we will share global experience and best practice on emergency management under flooding and mitigation measures to improve the current practice in Addis Ababa.

Project Name

Building Resilience of Critical Urban Transport Infrastructure in Addis Ababa

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World Bank

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Núria Biosca

Principal Consultant, Cities and Resilient Development
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May 4, 2021