Africa, Asia: Evaluation Manager for Making All Voices Count

IMC led the Evaluation Management team for this USD 47 million programme that supported innovation, scaling up and research to deepen existing innovations and help harness new technologies to enable citizen engagement and government responsiveness.

IMC delivered the design of the evaluation framework, along with a set of portfolio, process and project level evaluations across four funding windows that covered 370 projects in 12 countries in Africa and Asia. This involved formative, summative and developmental evaluations; outcome-mapping, contribution analysis, participatory tools and use of open data sources.

Below are the links to some of the case studies within the Making All Voices Count evaluation:

Enhancing Women’s Participation in Devolved Governance Project, Kenya

Increasing Women’s Voice in Governance in Indonesia

Monitoring the Indonesian government’s e-procurement system, Indonesia

Increasing Citizens’ Voice in Governance in Ghana

Allowing citizens to have their say on health services in Kenya


Project Name

Evaluation Manager for Making All Voices Count: A Grand Challenge for Development

project status

Ongoing, 2013-2017


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

key teammates
contact person

Nigel Penfold

Deputy Managing Director, Regional Director, Africa & Caribbean
last updated

May 8, 2018