Promoting road safety in Ukraine

This week, IMC Worldwide in association with Kocks Consult, hosted the Technical Assistance to the Ukraine Urban Road Safety Project Workshop at the Ministry of Infrastructure in Ukraine.

Friday 15 November 2019, Private: Yasmine Bettine, Mihaela Vocila

The event brought together 45 representatives from City Authorities from the five municipalities participating in this project – Kiev, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Odessa – representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, representatives from the EIB and other relevant stakeholders.

The kick-off workshop is the first of the series that will aim to provide an open participatory approach to the achieving the results of this project.

This week’s workshop introduced the participants to our initial findings and provided examples of recent projects carried out in other cities worldwide that showcase different approaches to improving road safety for all road users.

Stage with representatives from roads authorities in Ukraine.

This event will generate debate and provide information to the project team which will facilitate the proper identification of the necessary urban road safety infrastructure schemes for the five participating cities in Ukraine. By engaging with our stakeholders, IMC is ensuring that the schemes are relevant to the municipality and are directly linked to either road safety accident reduction or associated with improving the urban environment for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users.

The technical assistance operation is financed under the Neighbourhood Investment Platform (NIP). This Platform utilizes non-repayable aid granted by the European Commission in support of EIB investment activities in the EU Neighbouring countries, assisting promoters during different stages of the project cycle.

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