How can we improve road safety in Pakistan?

We recently visited Pakistan to meet government and civil society representatives to discuss opportunities for making the country's roads safer.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

We are currently visiting 10 countries in central Asia on behalf of the Asian Development Bank to discuss better road safety with government and civil society representatives. The ADB is a major funder of transport infrastructure programmes in the region.

The first country we visited was Pakistan.

Throughout the developing world, countries that attempt to progress towards better road safety meet similar obstacles. Funding and awareness often remain relatively low priorities, while the enthusiasm to build faster highways and improve economic progress often comes at the expense of features that would make those highways safer.

The key meeting was with the country’s National Highway Authority, during which we discussed their existing database of crashes, which is being used to direct investments in a better road safety scenario.

We are currently working on behalf of the Asian Development Bank to develop a road safety strategy that is focused on six major corridor routes around central Asia that have historically enabled regional trade.

The work for the ADB will have three key deliverables:

  • a review of the regional situation regarding road safety
  • a strategy and action plan for future ADB investments in six key corridors
  • a set of guidance notes which will aim to assist both national stakeholders and ADB officers to incorporate safer roads into their programmes

We expect that this strategy development will lead to more investments in road safety for the two corridors that run through Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the ADB is preparing a large-scale road safety programme for Pakistan funded by support from the UK government, using our strategy development partly as a justification for the programme, which will encompass the three E’s of road safety: education, enforcement, and engineering.

Road safety is important to IMC Worldwide, and we will be updating our site with details of our progress meeting government and civil society representatives to improve road safety throughout central Asia.

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