Evaluating regional approaches to achieving development impacts in Africa

We were recently selected to undertake an evaluation of DFID's regional approaches to achieving development impacts in Africa.

Wednesday 30 September 2015

DFID has invested over £1 billion in active regional programmes in Africa that address regional issues, cross-border issues, or that bring several countries together.

In particular, DFID Africa regional programmes seek to address regional market failures, regional governance failures, create and exploit policy momentum on issues that might be otherwise sensitive for a single partner country to take on, exploit learning opportunities across countries, pooling risks or resources, and/or working through regional institutions.

There is a strong rationale for employing regional approaches to achieving development impacts, and there is a growing consensus that they are needed.

However, there is currently limited evidence of the effectiveness of regional approaches, particularly at the outcome and impact level (poverty reduction, gender, cross-cutting issues). There is also limited evidence of where and how regional approaches work best.

In this light, IMC Worldwide has been selected to conduct a study that captures evidence of regional approaches from current and forthcoming evaluations of DFID Africa regional programmes.

We will conduct a summative evaluation, using evaluations from DFID regional programmes as evidence sources combined with key informant interviews to fill gaps in data and re-examine the existing data set using a new analytical framework.

“This study will gather evidences on the overarching questions on the effectiveness of regional approaches, which cut across most Africa regional programmes and evaluations,” says Damien Faget, Project Manager. “This is going to be a fantastic learning journey since the range of regional programme level evaluations is wide, encompassing different kinds of regional approaches, a range of programme partners, and sectors such as wealth creation, governance, climate change, health and humanitarian programmes. Ultimately, this study will inform future regional programming in Africa.”

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