Developing a monitoring & evaluation framework for NZAid’s humanitarian response in the Pacific

We are now developing the New Zealand MFAT-funded Humanitarian Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, informed by the the New Zealand Aid Programme’s humanitarian response to Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.

Thursday 24 September 2015

The New Zealand Aid Programme plays a leading role in responding to humanitarian needs created by natural disasters in the Pacific. IMC will help improve the effectiveness of the New Zealand Aid Programme humanitarian responses, in particular to natural disasters in the Pacific by developing a simple, robust, user-friendly and fit-for-purpose monitoring and evaluation framework.

The New Zealand Aid Programme wishes the development of this Framework to be informed by a Case Study of its response to Tropical Cyclone Pam (TC Pam) in Vanuatu in March/April 2015.

The case study will focus on learning and it will synthesise key lessons that will help improve New Zealand’s response to comparable disasters in future.

“The project’s primary purpose is to help improve the New Zealand Aid Programme’s performance by developing a critical understanding of the quality and responsiveness of their humanitarian interventions and their impact on local contexts,” says IMC Regional Director Suraj Rana. “This will enable them to better meet the real needs of people and communities affected by humanitarian crises, ensure effective management and use of operational resources, and strengthen New Zealand Aid Programme’s capabilities in working with partner agencies and other organisations.”

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