Committing to Net Zero by 2050

IMC Worldwide Commits to Net Zero by 2050 with the launch of our Carbon Reduction Plan

Monday 20 September 2021

Climate change is real and happening now, and is a result of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity. Unless we all take immediate action, we will not be able to limit our global average temperature increase to less than 1.5°C, above which the impacts are predicted to be dangerous and catastrophic and outside of our control as a species[1].

The IMC Worldwide Carbon Reduction Plan presents our corporate targets to reduce our carbon emissions by 46% by 2025 and 67% by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050. Our plan has been developed in accordance with UK Government Policy note PPN 06/21. We have committed to exceeding the UK targets and the UNFCCC Race To Zero initiative, through the UK SME Climate Hub, to which we also pledge our commitment.

This is our starting point. We recognise the urgency to respond to the climate crisis and we are committed to reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases and to mitigating the impacts of climate change across our business operations.

As an organisation dedicated to supporting people around the world to achieve sustainable development, helping to lift communities out of poverty and promoting equality, we have a role in both limiting our own impact on climate change and supporting others in developing in a way that enables them to limit their impact.

We will follow with our implementation plan to achieve our targets as a business, in our project delivery and in supporting our clients globally in achieving their own commitments.

[1] The latest report of the IPCC, summarizing global peer reviewed climate science was published in August 2021.


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