IMC consultant Kirsteen Merrilees awarded for paper on Nepal’s resilience to disasters

12 July 2017

We are pleased to announce that the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has awarded the George Stephenson Medal to IMC former member of staff and current consultant Kirsteen Merrilees for her paper 'Natural disasters: an engineer’s perspective in Nepal'.

Why are KPIs important in international development?

19 June 2017, Matt Spannagle, Private: Thurstan Wright

Key performance indicators increase donor accountability, hold multilateral development banks to account and ensure money goes to projects that are likely to work. However, they are not a silver bullet and are sometimes discarded for political reasons.

IMC wins twice at ACE Awards 2017

14 June 2017

On 7 June 2017, IMC won the Association for Consultancy and Engineering awards for Best UK Business Performance - SME and Collaboration Champion of the Year.

What about a career in international development?

28 March 2017, Lorenza Geronimo

IMC has been meeting with students to shed light on the international development sector, which is always on the lookout for new skills to deliver life-changing projects worldwide.

Celebrating women behind the Rural Access Programme in Nepal

23 March 2017, Subhashini Chandran, Ruth McPake, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

On 8 March 2017, IMC celebrated International Women’s Day with a photo exhibition in our Nepal office in Kathmandu, to highlight the role women play within the UKaid-funded Rural Access Programme.

One year after the Paris climate summit: where are we now?

06 February 2017, Private: Lorenza Geronimo, Private: Thurstan Wright

Climate change is putting a strain on societies worldwide, particularly in lower-middle-income countries. The legally binding agreement reached in Paris in 2015 is a major step in the right direction but must be the first of many.

PODCAST: What are the primary challenges of solid waste management?

12 December 2016, Mansoor Ali, Veronica Di Bella, Private: Sajid Chowdhury

Solid waste management is a global major challenge, aggravated by the fact that half of the world's population lives in cities and that developing countries have limited capacity to tackle this issue effectively.

Disaster management and development: two sides of the same coin?

07 December 2016, Rumana Kabir, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

Today, we talk with Rumana Kabir, IMC’s Senior Consultant for disaster management and climate change adaptation, with over 16 years’ experience in international development.

How is IMC promoting road sector innovation in Malawi?

28 November 2016, Private: Lorenza Geronimo, Private: John White

As part of the European Union-funded Transport Sector Policy Support Programme, IMC is helping Malawi’s authorities make the most of information and communication technologies in road rehabilitation planning.

How to scale up WASH innovative technologies?

23 November 2016, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

IMC’s water and sanitation specialist Veronica Di Bella participated in a live Q&A organised by the Guardian, which shed light on the future of innovation in the WASH sector and major challenges.

Challenges from the Nepal earthquake, over a year on

19 October 2016, Private: Froeydis Gording

Among those affected by the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal were our members of staff, whom IMC supported in the rebuilding process with grants and interest-free loans.

PODCAST: Post-disaster reconstruction programmes. What is the current state of play?

13 October 2016, Rumana Kabir, Andre Steele, Ben Walker

In recent years a series of major events has stretched the capacity of the entire global humanitarian response. But what lessons have been learnt and what are the gaps in knowledge?

Pioneering partnerships to foster women’s entrepreneurship in Nepal

21 September 2016, Subhashini Chandran, Ruth McPake, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

Unilever Nepal, RAP3 CONNECT and Prabhu Bank have launched the 'Hamri Didi' programme to help Nepali women in the Mid and Far West of Nepal set up small businesses.

A first major step towards enhancing road safety in central Asia

07 September 2016, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

The ‘Enhancing Road Safety for Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Member Countries’ project, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and implemented by IMC, is expected to dramatically decrease the number of road casualties in the region.

Disaster-resilient shelters providing refuge in Bangladesh

28 June 2016, Richard Langford-Johnson

During the recent passage of Cyclone Roanu in Bangladesh, IMC-built shelters provided refuge for remote communities.