How can IMC help countries and firms boost investment and trade through development aid?

18 January 2018, Susan Haird

IMC Associate Director Susan Haird introduces our Trade and Investment team and the services it provides to help low-income countries to create jobs and alleviate poverty.

How can we build a climate-resilient future?

20 December 2017, Private: Jonathan Essex

Natural disasters are nothing new and climate change means their severity is likely to increase in the future. To limit further destruction and suffering and increase long-term resilience of infrastructure and people, a paradigm shift is urgently needed.

Can an innovation prize meet Ghana’s sanitation challenge?

23 November 2017, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

The Sanitation Challenge for Ghana is a prize that encourages local municipalities to find solutions to the country’s sanitation issues. The recent launch of its second phase has provided us with the opportunity to take stock of the lessons learnt so far.

How to supply an ever-growing city with water?

08 November 2017, Private: Philippa Jefferis, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

IMC is rehabilitating the water supply system of Sierra Leone’s capital city Freetown to the benefit of 600,000 people. From space constraints to competing needs, challenges are rife.

Breaking gender barriers in Pakistan’s building industry

17 October 2017

Within the UKAid-funded Humqadam programme, IMC has built and rehabilitated classrooms in over 450 Pakistan's schools. We have been working alongside SmarTek, a firm led by Shahrukh Khan, the first woman CEO in the country’s construction industry.

IMC awarded observer status with the Green Climate Fund

18 September 2017

We are proud to join a network of organisations, firms and individuals working alongside the Green Climate Fund to deliver more sustainable and resilient development worldwide.

Technical assistance for infrastructure: challenges and opportunities

12 September 2017, David Entwistle, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

IMC Worldwide’s long experience of implementing donor-funded infrastructure technical assistance programmes has provided us with the opportunity to reflect on the key ingredients that they should include to achieve sustainable impact.

Boosting the potential of Africa’s digital start-ups

11 September 2017

The World Bank-funded XL Africa programme has just selected 20 of Africa's top digital start-ups. They are now being matched with mentors who will prepare them to meet with investors as they seek capital for their businesses growth, regionally and beyond.

What are we learning about innovation prizes?

15 August 2017, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

With age-old and new development challenges facing us, we need to find creative solutions. In this blog post, we explore the potential of innovation prizes and lessons learned from implementing them within the UKAid-funded Ideas to Impact programme.

IMC and UKAid team up to promote a reading culture in Pakistan

08 August 2017, Abeera Ahmed, Amina Nasim Khan, Private: Lorenza Geronimo

IMC and UKAid donated a library to a primary school in Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad, which will increase access to books among pupils and, ultimately, stimulate curiosity, learning and problem-solving skills.

6 primary challenges of climate adaptation monitoring and evaluation

01 August 2017, Thurstan Wright, Damien Faget, Lorenza Geronimo

More and more climate finance is spent on helping populations to cope with the consequences of global warming. Consequently, monitoring and evaluating the impact of these funds is crucial. It is also complex. Why is that so?

IMC consultant Kirsteen Merrilees awarded for paper on Nepal’s resilience to disasters

12 July 2017

We are pleased to announce that the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has awarded the George Stephenson Medal to IMC former member of staff and current consultant Kirsteen Merrilees for her paper 'Natural disasters: an engineer’s perspective in Nepal'.

Why are KPIs important in international development?

19 June 2017, Matt Spannagle, Private: Thurstan Wright

Key performance indicators increase donor accountability, hold multilateral development banks to account and ensure money goes to projects that are likely to work. However, they are not a silver bullet and are sometimes discarded for political reasons.

IMC wins twice at ACE Awards 2017

14 June 2017

On 7 June 2017, IMC won the Association for Consultancy and Engineering awards for Best UK Business Performance - SME and Collaboration Champion of the Year.