How a fixed leak can make all the difference to Freetown’s residents

30 May 2018, Andre Steele

IMC Worldwide is working on behalf of the UK Department for International Development and the Guma Valley water company to rehabilitate the water supply system of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown.

UK Aid and IMC team up to improve Yangon’s sewerage system

10 May 2018, Chris Davies

Within a UK Aid-funded project, an IMC-led team is providing recommendations for the rehabilitation of the sewerage system of Yangon’s downtown district, in Myanmar, for the benefit of over 300,000 residents.

Recognising women as serious players in global trade

08 May 2018, Suzanne Woodman

Trade drives sustainable development in low-income countries. Women’s contribution to the sector is key to maximising their country’s trade potential and advancing gender equality. However, they still face numerous barriers.

We are pleased to welcome International Solutions Group to IMC Worldwide

24 April 2018

The acquisition of ISG enhances IMC’s presence in the US and our monitoring and evaluation services.

A new transport strategy to increase Niue’s climate resilience

23 April 2018, Private: James Reeves

In this blog post, IMC’s Economics and Finance Senior Technical Director James Reeves provides an overview of the work IMC has carried out in the small Pacific island of Niue to increase the resilience of its transport sector to climate change.

How can a toolkit increase resilience to natural disasters in the Caribbean?

09 April 2018, Private: Jonathan Essex

With funding from the Caribbean Development Bank, IMC is developing guidelines to help the 19 Caribbean countries to incorporate climate change adaptation into road network planning, construction, budgeting and decision-making strategies.

Honouring Nepal’s remarkable women within the Rural Access Programme

08 March 2018, Ruth McPake, Lorenza Geronimo

IMC has celebrated International Women’s Day with an award ceremony in our Nepal office in Kathmandu, to highlight women’s achievements and contribution to their communities within the UK Aid-funded Rural Access Programme.

Partnerships that increase opportunities for Nepali women

21 February 2018, Lorenza Geronimo, Ruth McPake

CONNECT, which is funded by the UK Department for International Development and delivered by IMC, is working with Nepal’s private sector to create jobs for poor women.

Resilience is all about balance

01 February 2018, Private: Rumana Kabir

In this blog post, IMC’s disaster risk management and sustainability expert Rumana Kabir shares her views on how development practitioners and states should build systems that increase communities’ resilience to disasters.

Seminar takes stock of UKAid-funded programme to boost private sector-led growth in Zimbabwe

26 January 2018, Lorenza Geronimo

The Business Enabling Environment Programme (BEEP) in Zimbabwe has been funded by the UK Department for International Development since 2014 to promote pro-growth reforms and make the country more business-friendly.

How can IMC help countries and firms boost investment and trade through development aid?

18 January 2018, Susan Haird

IMC Associate Director Susan Haird introduces our Trade and Investment team and the services it provides to help low-income countries to create jobs and alleviate poverty.

How can we build a climate-resilient future?

20 December 2017, Private: Jonathan Essex

Natural disasters are nothing new and climate change means their severity is likely to increase in the future. To limit further destruction and suffering and increase long-term resilience of infrastructure and people, a paradigm shift is urgently needed.